Double Basses

With arched back. Made of seasoned maple and spruce top, graved and graduated, inlaid purfling, reinforced edges, good quality trimmings, carefully adjusted and fitted with good strings.

No. 1307:

Maple back and spruce top, reddish golden-brown shading, brass machine heads, ebony fingerboard.

No. 1308:

Little flamed wood, good spruce top, fine dark amber shaded and slightly imitated, nickel-plated machine heads, ebony trimmings.

No. 1308V:

Same as No. 1308 but in violin-shape.

No. 1309:

Flamed maple for back, sides and neck, choice spruce top, red golden-brown shaded and slightly imitated, fine machine heads, good ebony trimmings.

No. 1309V:

Same as No. 1309 but in violin-shape.

No. 1310:

Violin-shape. Selected seasoned flamed wood, good quality spruce top, finest golden-brown varnish and slightly imitated, fine machine heads and best ebony trimmings

head of a bass