Our family has been making string instruments for 130 years.

illustration of a violin makerThe company was established by Joseph Müller, born 1850 in Schönbach b.Eger, Bohemia, which at this time belonged to Austria. He was the grandgrandfather of the owner today, Ilse Fischer.

Since the beginning in 1880 he was well known for his fine workmanship and best tone quality. Therefore he won various awards and even had the honour to exhibit his instruments at the world exhibition in Paris in the year 1900.

His label was "Joseph Müller, Schönbach b. Eger i. Böhm."

In 1933 his grandson in law, Franz Kirschnek, established his own company under his label "Franz Kirschnek".

He exported his stringinstruments to all European countries and to the USA.

After the end of world war II our family had to leave their homecountry Bohemia.

In the area of Erlangen - Bubenreuth, West Germany, they were allowed to settle and refounded their business. It still is run by the family until now.

With regard to our long family tradition we feel obliged to continue making violins, violas and cellos of fine quality.

We are proud to say that we still do not import any parts from other countries.

Each one of our instruments is entirely made in Germany.