Orchestra-Violins and Violas

These violins of flamed wood for back sides and neck, selected spruce top. Entirely hand made, good ebony trimmings.

No. 11:

Light flamed maple, good quality spruce top, golden reddish‑brown shaded and slightly imitated.


Viola: 15" - 16 ½" body lengths.

No. 12:

Flamed wood for back, neck and top, fine golden‑brown shaded and imitated.


Viola: 15" - 16 ½" body lengths.

No. 13:

Better flamed back, choice spruce top, amber shading and slightly imitated.


Viola: 15" - 16" body lengths.

No. 14:

Well flamed mapel for back, sides and neck, fine grain spruce top, reddish‑brown varnish.


Viola: 15 ½" - 16 ½" body lengths.

model No. 14 violin

model No. 13 violin